Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've never liked the label "gym rat". It just seems a bit distasteful to be associated with some kind of rodentia because one spends a lot of time pumping iron.

I'm a primate, after all, and if I'm going to have a label applied to me for my exercise activity proclivities, I'd prefer something a bit more simian -- like "Gympanzee". I like the sound of that, although I'm not sure I'd actually say it out loud to describe myself.

So I've finally started back into a workout routine after taking an embarrassingly long break. I'm convinced health clubs love people like me -- the ones who pay their monthly dues but don't show up to put wear and tear on the equipment.

And they knew I wasn't going to cancel my membership. That would have been admitting that I wasn't going back (which wasn't the case). I wouldn't put out hundreds of dollars a year for nothing, now would I?

But it was worth it to be able to jump back into the routine as soon as I decided it was time. Now I just have to stick to it -- and I can be pretty sticky when I want to.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to blow off my work out today, but I just can't now that I know you have recommitted and I'm lumpy in all the wrong places...sigh. See you in about 40 minutes...or so.